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Kendra By KendraLynnKrening Updated 3 years ago
Wicca a misunderstood religion. Let this help clear any confusion you may have, help you become the Wiccan you want to be,or simply satisfy your curiosity. I have taken the time to research,read books,and talk to covens to further my connection with the god and goddess. I also put my own Book of shadows in here please comment and let me know if you would like me to add more spells or charms. Enjoy the fruit of my labor. (:
Very detailed and I can tell you put much work and care into this.  Learning about new religions a little at a time.
I mean do you really think that this could be, in the slightest way, true? What's your current religion?
That what was a mistake? I just said I heard about it on some forum and it sounded interesting... how could that be a mistake?
I heard about it on some forum (can't remember the name exactly). It sounded interesting, so I decided to do some research.
Thank for posting. I found out about Wicca nearly a year ago now, but I've actually started looking closer at the beliefs only quite recently. This is helping ^-^
That I had a big problem with when I was a child. Too much seriousness and never any fun.