Madness - A Skybrine, Enderlox and WitherMU fanfic

Madness - A Skybrine, Enderlox and WitherMU fanfic

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For as long as he can remember, Adam has been Skybrine, Herobrine's son. He doesn't remember anything of his friends, or the life he had before. That it, until he accidentally ends up on their doorstep.
  When Ty sees a bounty for the ender dragon's death, he can't help but try and claim it. That's how he ends up alone in the End, with only some armor, weapons, and bad luck to accompany him. The dragon could have killed him, but it has other plans.
  Jason doesn't know what to do when he finds a wither skull in the middle of the woods, especially not when it stars turning him into some kind of wither hybrid. The longer he hides it, the harder it is for him to control himself; it's only a matter of time before he loses control completely.
  Picture on cover made by @ELLApotterheadWHITE


Written June 2014 - September 2014

  • enderlox
  • skybrine
  • withermu
PuppyCake47STTCarrot PuppyCake47STTCarrot Oct 11, 2016
You said the G word Herobrine..... PREPARE TO DIIIIIEEEE!!!!!!
cocobeans12 cocobeans12 Mar 09, 2016
Wow what a great introduction to the little boy you get a A++
lighttoad6 lighttoad6 Feb 22, 2016
Indeed!  What is this G-G-G-Gold  you speak of?  I know only k
_EagleEyedHawk16732_ _EagleEyedHawk16732_ Jan 24, 2016
What is this gold that you speak of? Is it some hip slang? Because, if it is, they can all die by a creeper explosion.
CoolBlaze1 CoolBlaze1 Oct 25, 2015
*Trying not to die like a f ing idiot because of laughter* WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU HEROBRINE? *let's laughter out*
SnowingThunder SnowingThunder Aug 18, 2015
You are the chosen one 
                              Herobrine: I didn't choose anyone I just wiped out his memories