Ocean-Sized Secret

Ocean-Sized Secret

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smartcookie22 By smartcookie22 Updated Aug 12, 2012

Out by the coast in a secluded part of Whitewash, California, a scientist was ready for work. Observing the cloudy skies, he pinned on his name tag that read Dr. Martin Cooper II, not that anyone would read it anyways. 

His laboratory was something unreal, with its technology and such. For months he had been researching the ocean's creatures, hoping to carry on an experiment. He knew that everyone he knew wouldn't approve, so he kept it quiet. After all, he was the only scientist for hundreds of miles around. 

Somewhere along the line he became somewhat fascinated with mermaids. Not the fantasy creatures in stories told to young children, but beings as clever as humans, if not more, who lived in the ocean. He knew that his theories would be dismissed. "They don't exist.", everyone says after laughing. So his thoughts were again kept quiet. 

He started with dolphins; they were the closest thing he could find to mermaids. And not too long before this cloudy day, he hatched a theory. M...

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neongx neongx Aug 13, 2012
Next part soon! That was awesome so let's hope writer's block doesn't get you. WATERMELON JUICE, LARISSA! GET SOME WATERMELON JUICE!