Queens and Kings

Queens and Kings

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"How do you plan on killing me?" His hands were on my throat, tight but not tight enough to truly terrify me. He was strong, being a King meant that he had to be. But he also knew I was his mate and he was too cowardly to hurt me like I was going to him. His body was too close to mine but somehow my brain was already thinking of ways I could get out of this, maybe I could wrap the chains around his neck and strangle him.

"You could slit my throat." He was getting far too close to me and I could feel the mate bond clawing at my skin begging to be released, but my will to kill him was stronger. I could hear a voice in my head telling me what I had to do. His lips touched my neck making me shudder.
"Maybe you could even claw the heart out of my chest." His lips moved closer to my mouth with every kiss he left on my skin. Everything in my body was sparking, I could feel an electricity so profound at my core I wanted to let out a scream, but I stayed still. He was taunting me because he knew something I didn't.

"Show me what you've got." His lips were against mine and I knew this was the time to make my move.


Elizabeth Aurelia was a Queen in her own right, except she didn't know that.
With her memory wiped and with barely any recollection of who she was, Elizabeth finds herself in the middle of nowhere surrounded by hostile wolves ready to take a bite out of her. She was scared, alone and probably on her way to execution. 
Then she meets Mekhi, the King, the Alpha and her mate.

Elizabeth knew her purpose now.

She had to kill him.

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This story is of werewolf n u r not involving it till the end of the book
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