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˗ˏˋAtiyaˎˊ˗ By atiyamunirx Updated Mar 20

"I'm sorry I have anger issues, and trust issues, and issues you can barely comprehend." He sighed, his eyes gleaming with emotion as his voice turned from delirious to heartfelt. "I'm sorry I'm a broken man that has no intention of being fixed." My heart was thumping in my chest as I waited for the words I never wanted to hear.

"But most of all I'm sorry that I am your mate." He moved out of my way and walked back to the seat that he was sitting in before this had all started. 

Elijah was the Alpha of Alpha's. He was the King of everything vicious and nasty. He was a devil ready to destroy, and a monster completely bloodthirsty and savage. He was the brutality of war against the form of a beautiful landscape and the rain of bullets and smoke. He was the ultimate warrior, broken and numb. And Mary was his Queen.
With her angry temperament and her inability to sit still, Elijah would do anything for her. But Mary was a goddess of beauty and her disposition bled dry any thought of needing a man. 
Elijah had heaven right in front of him and he'd do anything to keep her. Until their pasts come back to kill them both.

toto-chan01 toto-chan01 Feb 19, 2016
When I first heard about this story I thought it was about cupcake and it was about this you ruined my life
JINUtheDEVIL JINUtheDEVIL Jun 25, 2016
This story is of werewolf n u r not involving it till the end of the book
FaeriesAreDeadly FaeriesAreDeadly May 17, 2016
664. Think of it like this, you have 200, 400, 30, and 34. 200+400 is 600 and 30+34 is 64. 664.
What my little sisters think of bit add long nails with fists.....They don't fvck with me😂😂
BeTheDolan2MyMendes BeTheDolan2MyMendes Jun 08, 2016
I'm always complaining about how everyone stereotypes us British people to love tea but then again I love tea so I should stfu
NocturnalWolf NocturnalWolf Apr 22, 2016
You need Jesus, because I'm pretty sure I bleed Italian espresso.