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My bad boy.

My bad boy.

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Meghan Willbrand By Meg1323 Completed

MY BAD BOY  Taylor Smith is your typical good girl: Smart, polite, gets along with almost every body at school, never does anything bad unless she is made to or has to. She has two best friends Tyler and Samantha, and she also has a good family life.  Then throw in Colton Matthews.... He's your typical bad boy everyone wants to be around if he likes you. He parties, sleeps around, never dates, usually never goes to class but when he does he either never pays attention and if he isn't paying attention he is making weird sounds to be the annoying bad boy he is. He has a lot of friends, but not a lot that he can actually trust with his family life, let's just say after his girlfriend in middle school which he trusted his life on her, after she broke that promise he could never trust anybody again, oh and he also plays on the school's football team with Taylor's brother.  What happens when Taylor and Colton meet? Of corse they wont be able to stand breathing the same air as each other, but as time goes on maybe just maybe they will end up finally falling for one another. Come along their journey of pranks, parties, blood, sweat and tears, and see what happens between these two.

This description is amazing, can't wait until I read this book!!!
im-a-ninja im-a-ninja Oct 23, 2016
It would be interesting if she just smiled to please people but her real personality was kind of badass
Ayesha_23mar Ayesha_23mar Dec 02, 2016
Blood, swear and tear 
                              The song by BTS is what came in my mind when I read this paragraph
itzgingin itzgingin Jul 01, 2014
I love Colton already! I can't wait for more Taylor and Colton interactions! Just remember that each time someone new talks, it is a new paragraph. It may look weird, but it's ok :D
itzgingin itzgingin Jul 01, 2014
The description is good, but it feels like it gave too much of Colton's life story away especially about the ex girlfriend thing. Other then that it makes me wonder what will go on in the story because the description did catch my attention. ;)
lykisses lykisses Jun 06, 2014
I think it's a good start! But make sure to skip lines whenever you're doing dialogues between characters (: