My inspiration...

My inspiration...

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Peyton By NicolesDyingHeart Updated a day ago

"She is so fragile.
Everything breaks her heart,
But nothing can mend it."
- Peyton (me)

This is a book filled with my poetry and it may contain some trying times in my life I've decided to share. You can interpret my poems the way you'd like. You can comment what you think they mean in the comments section. You can give advice or you can tell me how much you loved or hated them. Enjoy! I'd love to see what you think about my poetry. :) 

These poems are pretty deep and true to how I feel. I write poetry to express how I'm feeling at a specific moment. I battle depression, so some of the poems will be "dark" or depressing. In a sense these are like diary entries. If you have advice, give it. But if you are here to judge or be rude, you can leave. Here is your inside scoop on my life.

*warning for occasional triggering content

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