One Little Visit (Krusie Story)

One Little Visit (Krusie Story)

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Kris:The only human in their town who's good in school and who's known to be really quiet.

Susie:The class bully who's okay in school and who's known to not have many friends.

These two didn't interact with eachother until a certain supply closet needed visitors. 

Then just after a day with each other these two become really good friends,and as days pass their friendship grows stronger and stronger,but what would happen if just by one little visit... everything changes 

Started:December 29th,2018
Ended:May 6th,2019 

(Cover art by miyumi on zerochan)
(There will be yeah)
(Fun Fact:The cover is the original cover just with text)
(I've read a bunch of Krusie stories and wanted to try and make my own) 
(I'm not good at descriptions)
(Also first fanfic regarding a ship)
(Any sort of art like the cover doesn't belong to me nor does Deltarune or its characters they're owned by their original creators)
(Also I might end up referring to Kris as a male at times so...yeah) 
(Q:Will this fanfic be game accurate?
(A:Not at all reader)