For The Love Of Chéri

For The Love Of Chéri

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SorrowfulQuill By SorrowfulQuill Updated Sep 08

WARNING: Adult Obsessive Gay Romance/Thriller.
This is a story for certain types of reader! And is a complicated story involving themes like homosexuality, murder, prostitution, violence and other adult themes - Hence the Mature rating tag. Apart from that there is comedy, irony and a few spelling/grammar mistakes....for which, I can only ask your forgiveness, then correct them.


A quiet, and decent Longhaul Truck Driver called Lennon, has flown in from The United States Of America to do some hauls in the United Kingdom. Leaving his personal heartache and issues, he meets a strange and troubled hitchhiker, who is not all he seems.  The weird and wild passenger Chéri, is a near fantasy figure to the shy and wholesome American, as he toys with the emotions and inhibitions of the sexually repressed Lennon.

Lennon falls hopelessly in love with Chéri, and is soon lured out to Spain, where he learns about the strange happenings, in the large compound where Chéri's family live, with different groups of staff, all of different nationalities. Lennon then discovers the family business, and exactly how it is run.

Ofcourse, the story eventually spirals out of control as events develop, power struggles ensue and loyalties change as more is uncovered about the strange young teenager, Chéri.

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