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"Ezekiel...." I whispered softly into his ear, my crimson lips tugging into a sly smirk as I felt his body shake grow stiff against mine. My finger trailed softly against his arm, goosebumps raising along the path I traveled. 

"Stop." He whispered, I noticed how utterly breathless he had become. Causing the smirk that tugged at my lips to expand into a sinister smile. My fingers left his arm, lifting my fingers in the air I delicately grasp his chin, as if I squeezed too hard he'd crumple to dust beneath my fingers. 

"Why do you want me to stop, Zeke?" I questioned, my eyes feigning fake innocence as I awaited his answer.

His eyes searched mine, and I felt my own proud look faltering as I undoubtably started to melt looking into his pools of Amber. "Because..." he started, his lip being tugged into his mouth by his white teeth. 

"Because...?" I assisted, as I got as close to him as physically possible. 
His eyes hardened, glaring into my soulless ones. 

"It feels, Sinful."

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