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Criminal's Blood || 민윤기 (Yoongi x Reader)

Criminal's Blood || 민윤기 (Yoongi x Reader)

5.4K Reads 568 Votes 30 Part Story
MeowMeowMin By MeowMeowMinMin Updated Feb 25

"Welcome to the life of mafias, Choi y/n. Don't trust anyone. Not even those who are close to you." Yoongi says, letting go of me abruptly.

"Now, i could let you go....

Only if you wasn't a threat." He says, putting a mask on.

"This isn't fair, you have a knife." I say, earning a laugh from the bulky man.

"In this world, we play dirty. You think we play fair? Don't make me laugh." He says, pulling out his knife again, running towards me.

Y/n is a famous doctor known all over the world for her amazing record of no failed surgeries.

One day she was forced to be part of an undercover mission on catching the dangerous gang known as bts. 

The most dangerous gang known, having a record of getting away with murder, robberies, drug dealing and more for 8 years in a row.

What happens when y/n gets kidnapped from the people she's trying to catch?

What happens when she finds out that the mysterious gang member named Unknown is Min Yoongi; a famous serial killer who was caught , before escaping a few DAYS later and staying silent for a few years?

This DOES contain swearing so if you don't like that then this isn't the book for you.

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