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Deviation (Book #1 in The Dark Skinwalker series)

Deviation (Book #1 in The Dark Skinwalker series)

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CaoimheGrace By CaoimheGrace Completed

For thousands of years, the Pantera and Lupina clans have been mortal enemies, always on the brink of a war that could shatter the world.
    For Kadence Riley, daughter of the Clan Leader, there has only been one goal: to become like the rest of her family-strong, fast and lethal. When the moon rises on her eighteenth birthday, she'll learn whether or not she carries the Skin-walker gene... and whether or not she'll be cast out to live in the human world, never to see her family again.
    But when the moon finally rises and the cracking of bones follows, the white fur of her family does not grow on her skin. The howl of a wolf does not escape her lips, and a warm-welcome is the last thing on her clan's minds. 
    Instead Kadence has become something else: one of her clan's greatest enemies. Hunted, heart-broken and lost, Kadence is forced to run from the world she grew up in and learn how to fight for a place in the midst of creatures she has been taught to hate, and when the inevitable war begins to unfold, Kadence will be forced to choose, once and for all, which side her loyalties lie.

Black_Sh33p Black_Sh33p Jun 08, 2016
Lol.. When I added it to my library then I was oh I will read later, but then when I wanted to read it I didn't find it 😐😯 and when you updated I was like: ohh! That was the books name
juicy40197 juicy40197 Jun 16, 2016
I'm great with dark and violence... But I still like happy endings haha should I keep reading?
HelloClaire HelloClaire Dec 19, 2016
Mmmmhmmm mhmm mhm sounds good *checks to see if finished* *sees it is* YASSS I will now let it devour my soul
TayceWilliams TayceWilliams Nov 19, 2016
Just gotta say your opening description was theee hook line sinker
joanakoci93 joanakoci93 Jan 23
Man i have searched so much for this book. Finally found it again.
RedRibbonGirl3 RedRibbonGirl3 Oct 21, 2014
I think this does a really good job of getting the reader immediately hooked, it doesn't go on, but says just the right amount - well done! :)