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You've heard the story before, how all children grow up except one. You most likely know it forwards and backwards, able to talk about Peter Pan and the Lost Boys' adventures on Neverland. Tales of mermaids, fairies, and pirates who sought to kill the young boy. But what if the story you know and love was a little different? What if this story involved murder, kidnapping, and insanity?

Boys will be boys, not savages.

All Killian wanted was the chance to stay young a while longer. He wanted to be freed from the adult responsibilities that were shackled onto a twelve year old. What else was an adolescent to do? Was freedom truly just a flight away? Or will the escape he thought he was heading down lead him to misfortune? No matter what, he doesn't want for other boys to end up like him, nor did he want to watch families suffer from Peter Pan. Not when he knew the truth.

This is the real story of Peter Pan and Killian James Hook.

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