Fallen From The Sky

Fallen From The Sky

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Zoe lived peacefully  in an small apartment in Chicago for now many years.
Until she heard that the case on her parent's death had closed, claiming that the police had given up on the researches for any proof.

Being a minor made it illegal for Zoe to live on her own for once, the government decided the send her abroad where an aunt of her resided.

But the plane didn't make it, half way through, it caught fire and fell down in the ocean. The poor human was sure that she was in death's hands.

But hell! Even Death was incredibly handsome as it held her in it's arms, swimming up to the surface.

Copyright @Elizaema - PG-14

  • wattys2014
It's actually legal to get a job at 15, but then she'd need a guardian to sign off on it. There's always a job as a paperboy (girl).
Wow! A "lawyer" who just violated client confidentiality. I hope that even though she's a minor, she realizes that this is a potential lawsuit.
OMG! He's an ADULT and Britney is a MINOR. How is this LAWYER even able to practice law? He would've been disbarred.
marcelle_the_shell marcelle_the_shell Jul 12, 2016
15 year olds cant drivers lisensces. they can have permits but they need an adult to supervise...
sweetbecky01 sweetbecky01 Jul 10, 2014
I kinda hoped the pain would cause her makeup face to crack but no :( but one can hope! Anywho awesome! And a bomb? Damn this stuff is intense!
sweetbecky01 sweetbecky01 Jul 10, 2014
Damn britneys a b!tch! But loved the first the chapter and looks like they're gonna b a but of dramam between her an Seth hehe x