A Second Chance

A Second Chance

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Harper is a magnet for love. She loves love. But after had Seperation with the love of her life, she is starting to think love doesn't exist. She is losing the spark in her.

Still dealing with denial from her previous breakup, hoping that they could patch things up, Harper still holds a torch for her ex, Conner who is  the father of her six year old daughter, Willow.

But Conner has made things clear already, he feels they get along better when separated. He likes to have this freedom now. He is more than happy for this arrangement. And it breaks the last piece of Harper's heart.

Being pushed in to the workforce to improve her income for her to survive with her daughter, Harper takes on a job, a cook for an elderly widow.

Harper doesn't see much of her new employer, just cooking her dinners, cleaning up every night before she leaves.

Then she meets the real boss.
Tall, dark blonde, muscular, sparkling smile, thick hair, bright green eyes.

Ryan Gensen.

And he seems to be around more and more.

But work is also getting in the way of her being a parent, her child having to go to her father's every afternoon until she might loose her.

But Harper has learnt her lesson, love doesn't exist, just an idea of it does. She does everything possible to avoid her previous mistakes.

Can Ryan be the one that proves Harper's new theory or will he debunk it?

Will Harper get a second chance at love?

Read to find out.