Imagines | s.s (Sebastian Stan)

Imagines | s.s (Sebastian Stan)

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Rachel Elizabeth By snowpops_56 Updated Nov 06, 2015

Ria's POV

I walked onto the plane, my purse pulled tightly against my side. I found my seat and sat down. I didn't care who I was sitting by and I really didn't mind. I crossed my legs and looked out the window.

"Take off will start in 5 minutes. Please stay seated. We will arrive in New York in exactly 4 and a half hours. Thank you." A voice said coming over the intercom.

I sighed. To pass the time I laid my head against the window and shut my eyes. Maybe I could take a short nap. As I was about to fall asleep the plane jolted and started the process of taking off. My eyes opened up once more bright and wide. I waited for the plane to be in the air without turbulence then leaned back into the window.

Maybe you've never been on a plane but one thing I know for sure is that I hate the noise on airplanes. It's the most irritating, loud noise ever.

I eventually started passing time although I wasn't actually asleep. I was more so resting my eyes than sleeping. I started humming my fa...

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iamkvt iamkvt Jun 15, 2017
Me: *sees seb*
                              *body forgets how to function*
                              *puts on that face mask baggie thing to breathe*
                              Seb: Hey, are you okay?!
                              Me: *wheezes* im fine
Kittens4life577 Kittens4life577 Aug 14, 2017
All the comments are making me laugh so hard bc of how accurate they are
I fangirl like crazy every single time I see his gorgeous face
spotway spotway Aug 09, 2016
Hahaha! I was reading this and I thought he was the flight attendent!  😂😂😂
TheWildThingsAreHere TheWildThingsAreHere Nov 22, 2015
Maybe you could
                              I would too
                              BC I'm a socially awkward potato
seventiesnicks seventiesnicks Nov 11, 2015
one does not simply stay calm when they find out they are on the same flight as the one and only seb stan himself