Ms.Killer Freecss 【Hunter X Hunter】

Ms.Killer Freecss 【Hunter X Hunter】

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Happiness!! By GoryKingNathan Completed

(Y/n) is twins with Gon Freecss and she's an overprotective sister. She would even kill in order to protect him...well sometimes. If someone messes with her or her loved ones, she'll kill them. (Y/n) has an right eye that changes due to her emotion or when she wants to change it. While taking the Hunter Exam, she's slightly falling in love with an Zoldyck. Killua Zoldyck, that is.
"I feel like that girl has...a split personality when she's talking about her brother. She may be sweet and a tsundere but deep within her...I feel like she has a creature in her...wanting to protect her beloved Gon and Killua..."

I don't own Hunter X Hunter! //just the plot, you, and the oc's//

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Lylaskk Lylaskk Aug 18
"Well, you need protection, baka."
                              Why did this remind me of the time of the month?
*draws sword*
                              *teleports behind enemy*
                              Don't get too cocky
                              (If u understand this talal will love uu)
Looks at description*
                              "//I do not own hunter x hunter// Just the plot, YOU and ocs-"  *triggered*
                              Whatcha know bout me?! Whatcha, whatcha know bout me?! Whatcha know bout me? Whatc-whatcha know?! ~^~
Chachaay Chachaay 6 days ago
"If I'm dyin! You dyin wit me!! You ain't got no choice!" I'm sorry I had too
Should've pinky promised to my senpai to never lie to each other so he would have to swallow a thousand needles 💔
Isn't that a little rude cause that's a serious invasion of privacy