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Autumn Breeze & Ezra Winn By HONESTDYING Completed

Owen's crown prince of Hyacinth. Every day of his life is a public affair. Secrets in his world are only kept because he tells no one, not even his trusted adviser. His biggest secret to date isn't that he's having sexual relations with a man. No, it's that said man is a whore. Bought and paid for.

Daiki was born and raised in Putta. Under the care of Leeana he's gained a reputation as the best whore in the business. He'd pleased a lot of men, and woman, both powerful and poor. A prince has never show up at his door before, and certainly not the one who's supposed to rule the kingdom he resides in. 

Two men from different worlds, trying to exist in one are bound to face problems. Two nosey sisters, one big boobed best friend, a queen who's smarter than she looks, a king who could care less, and one odd adviser are about to be secrets holders to two men whose lives are getting more complicated than either of them planned for.

*Age is measured in eons, not years.

fvckthepolic fvckthepolic Sep 26, 2016
Is he not gonna clean himself? He's gonna be dripping all night
HauntingMyLove HauntingMyLove Oct 28, 2016
Idk why. I imagine Dai to sound like how I imagined Dobby to sound like. Maybe because of the Master thing.
Tater_21 Tater_21 4 days ago
Omg! Crazy in love started playing! This is the perfect song for this
WaterIsBaeImGay WaterIsBaeImGay Nov 02, 2016
Whatcha do with that big fat butt? Wiggle wiggle wiggle... Lmfao
wessie_oside wessie_oside Dec 11, 2016
He has a tail? I don't like such stories anyway i'll go ahead and finish it while ignoring the tail