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Eryx Aias By EryxAias Completed

NORP - Normal, Ordinary, Responsible, Person

NAT - Necessary Action Taken

Grant 'Norp' Wealleyn comes from an all-White family full of doctors. They think his perfect partner should be a prestigious doctor and anything else just doesn't fit into the plan. 

Nathalie 'Nat' Williams comes from an all-Black family full of cops. They hoped she would someday marry someone in law enforcement and it was something her father always envisioned.

Grant's mother is incredibly stubborn and Nathalie's father is as equally stubborn. Both parental figures are more alike than they'd like to admit. They might've overlooked the color difference, had their children chosen what they deemed to be an equal-class partner.

Their relationship has to survive through classism, racism and all the bigotry their families decide to hurl at them. How far will their families go? And when will it be enough? 

For the OpenNovellaContest II. First time trying Drama-Romance, rather than skirting about in the edges. It's my first romantically focused story, but I still hope the focus on the issues remain pertinent. Here's hoping it's not a complete and endless stream of twaddle!

*Because of a comment and after some deliberation, I thought it best to write this in the description to avoid any future confusion. This story is written in the technique of 'multiple internal focalisation', switching between Grant and Nathalie at times-two separate POVs-with the separate constant narrator. Hopefully, this clarifies any future questions about that after the first few chapters.

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