Free Run : ( Chris Brown Story )

Free Run : ( Chris Brown Story )

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Brielle Nala Carter


"Stop please ."


He was moving his hand up my low cut dress, I could feel the tips of fingers just reaching the lining of my panties .  "Come on baby ." he said slowly kissing my neck trying to reel me back into the momentum of sexual ecstasy . Making a second attempt but a different approach, forcing himself upon me pulling my dress up trying to take my mind off the fact that his hand was reaching toward my panties again by kissing me .


"I said stop ." pushing him off me and getting up off the bed to pull my dress back down


"Why you got to be like that ?" he asked in frustration 


"Nigga I don't even know you like that, so for you to try and think that you can get some from me is the wrong answer . No means no what part of that don't you understand ."


"Look we can get this over with now or later eventually we're going to fuck it's just a matter of time, I already know you feeling me so stop denying it ." he said wrapping his hands around my ...

AlaiyaJamez AlaiyaJamez Nov 15, 2016
Y'all good on y'all back too
                              "You gone ride my face bae?" Head aśš 
                              They be all manly until a women tell them their sex isn't good😂
GabbyReyess GabbyReyess Nov 20, 2016
Damn this probably got niggas in they feelings 😂💀🙏🏾🙏🏾💖💖💖
-Caylin- -Caylin- 5 days ago
i swear every chris brown book i read has the name sabrina or bri
Cazmere__ Cazmere__ Nov 16, 2016
I got lettuce, tomatoes, onions, ketchup, mustard, bacon YOU name it
Kay_k__ Kay_k__ Nov 26, 2016
🎶I don't want no thot, a thot is a bîtch that can't get no love from me (YEET)🎶😂😂😂
hayhaycr43 hayhaycr43 Nov 26, 2016
yeses this story is good but Chris Brown is fine as hell that d is mine