Don't Go Out In The Woods Today

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The legend of ‘The Black Shuck’ is of a ghostly black dog said to roam the countryside and coastline of Norfolk. Recent news coverage reports deaths caused by animal attacks in the area so when Amy is confronted with the mythical creature her life gets confusing and the last thing she needs is a new, young, and fresh out of university teacher becoming overly protective of her. (Student, Teacher/Werewolf Romance)
The culprit here is lactic acid building up in your muscles.
lol reminded me of that cartoon movie...crap what was it...uggggh oh yeah Open Season
my school has 1st period. 2nd period. homeroom period. 4th period Lunch period 5th period. 
                                    we have A day and B day
                                     so four classes one day and the next day our other four classes.
R.I.P Elizabeth cole... You will forever be in our hearts...
sometimes people can't hold grief and sadness and yell at God.
I would have died if I watched that. I know I'm such a chicken