The Wolf Wants Me

The Wolf Wants Me

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Ellis By NobodyGirl Updated Aug 06, 2015

"Elle..." He says warningly but I ignore it and walk past him to the kitchen,my body shaking from him being close to me and my hand itching to reach out and touch the pulsing muscle on his arm.

"ELLE!" He shouts making me jump and I swallow loudly. "God you make me so angry." He growls and I nod and turn to the island where I pretend to see something in the marble counter tops, I wasn't scared of him - I was anything but.

"Well that's nice to know that I anger the infuriating, dickheaded wol-" I'm spun around and two hands grip my waist firmly as the breath catches in my throat while I look into his dark brown eyes that were slowly getting worse.

"Your so hot when your feisty." He growls, staring at my lips and all resolve in my body melts away as I grab his neck and bring his face down to mine, attacking his lips with my own and immediately the tingles spread like a wildfire through my blood, igniting all the emotions I was trying to push down.
Annabelle is perfect... well that's how it seems. No one knows what happens when she gets home to her abusive father, no one knows the real side of her 'Golden' boyfriend Matt, and no one see's the real her- only the girl that she is forced to be. Two schools become merged and with that comes a whole new set of people- a lot of people who are very different from what the quiet town is used to. When Trent comes along Annabelle feels the attraction immediately but wherever she goes and whatever she does Matt always finds out so she ignores it, pushing it away from her and ignoring the boy with the mesmerizing golden eyes. However he doesn't give up so easily. But what he doesn't realize is that by pursuing her he's also putting her in danger, more danger than he could ever imagine. But what is he supposed to do when Annabelle is his mate and she doesn't even know about werewolves... He's going to fight for the girl he loves.

TJs_Books TJs_Books May 18, 2016
The fact that Elle ha sent broken up with Matt sorta reminds me of when there was this girl at my school who used me but every time I put my foot down she would start to fake cry then I felt bad and was her friend again, that is until she wrote my name in the side of my house
BentOvrBckwrds BentOvrBckwrds Jul 09, 2016
Don't forget the: he's my mate and he rejects me so I run away, meet a new pack and befriend the guys, I become the best fighter and get hotter, my old pack are being killed by rogues so I have to go back to help them, my mate wants me back and I'm like no but we fall in love
amandaatkins97 amandaatkins97 Oct 14, 2016
Is this what it's like with some girls? It's so weird because when we look at girls like Elle and think why can't I be like her, when she's secretly aching to be like normal like us. something to think about
amandaatkins97 amandaatkins97 Oct 14, 2016
What now? Aw hell naw boo! You did not just tell her what she can and cannot eat
andreaelizadomingo andreaelizadomingo Jul 05, 2015
+i don't really comment . But your book is worth my time on typing 
andreaelizadomingo andreaelizadomingo Jul 05, 2015
I'm sorry post or most it can be a little misunderstanding. Loving your book by the way