The Ice Wolf Meets Konoha's Dog ~ Kiba X OC story [Discontinued]

The Ice Wolf Meets Konoha's Dog ~ Kiba X OC story [Discontinued]

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Jennifer Snow D. By Jenn_is_Starry_Music Completed

A girl who becomes the Ice Wolf of hell...  A boy of the Inuzuka Clan in Konohagakure...  Their two fates intertwine... but fate can be a cruel thing when bored...  What will happen to the Ice Wolf, Rin Okami, and Kiba Inuzuka?

Kiba X OC Character

2nd Place Winner of the Summer Naruto Watty Awards 2014

©Naruto || Masashi Kishimoto
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I have AB blood and I ain't a morning person..... The sun is the very epitome of hell if you ask me...
aloelindessa aloelindessa Jul 30, 2016
I read Kunai and I thought it was Kurenai and I'm like: Kurenai is the secret weapon!
dinogirlrawr2654 dinogirlrawr2654 Sep 08, 2016
                              (Not to mention a disturbance)
I'm scared of my health right now because I'm 5'7 and and I'm 13.......😥
angelica7714 angelica7714 Mar 18, 2016
I keep seeing this pic but idk what anime it's from
                              Anyone help?
YoungMulaBebz YoungMulaBebz Dec 01, 2016
That looks like that one guy on Norigami...what was his name... havent watchd that anime in forever XD