Explode | Joe Sugg

Explode | Joe Sugg

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hannah By hannahnavmi Updated Apr 24, 2016

Meet Alexis Porter.

An average 22 year old blonde with eyes bluer than the sky on a sunny day.

Although, being a famous Australian YouTuber wasn't necessarily 'average' to most people.

With over 500000 subscribers, she was just a bit popular to YouTube. Not one of the most popular, but then again she's been on YouTube for only a little over 9 months.

YouTube was basically her life. She had a gaming channel - QueenAPGames - a vlog channel - QueenAPVlogs - and a main channel - QueenAP -

There was nothing that could stop her from making videos, besides maybe an apocalypse.

As you would assume, she currently lived in Australia with her parents. Until she realized she was too old to live with her parents and chose to move out to London with her cousin, Mason Crawford. 

Mason was 24, two years older than Alexis. They were always close as children, until Mason and his family moved to London. They haven't seen each other for nearly four years.

As you may know, there are a few other YouTubers that live in London as well. Wouldn't it be strange if she happened to meet one of them?

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kitkat-958 kitkat-958 Jun 02, 2016
Hwo okay third read around this is an adorable and great story :>)
KittyRogue KittyRogue Jun 23, 2016
OMG she is like me I have blonde hair and super blue eyes and also I'm australian
katesrainbow katesrainbow Apr 02, 2016
Yay a girl gamer Finaly someone I can relate my hole life too
sistersnxpped sistersnxpped Jan 05, 2016
Ok, this is creepy, I have eyes that are really blue and blonde hair and I'm an Australian YouTuber wtf!!??
voidedstiles voidedstiles Feb 28, 2015
OMFG my surname is porter so what I do I just imagine put imagine that her name isn't alexia it's my name haha
KristalynnLammert KristalynnLammert Dec 29, 2014
merry me ples I n33d to talk to you YET I FEEL WERE IN THE SAME BED