My Mate Is 10 Years Older

My Mate Is 10 Years Older

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Hi By JustSophaHere Updated Jul 31, 2014

I walked into my cold house and went to the front door. My wolf started to feel uneasy, but I shrugged that off too.
I opened the door and looked up at the man with striking blue eyes. For a second it felt like it was just him and I in the world. My wolf started going crazy in my head.
"Mine." The man growled. 
There is no fucking way he is my mate.


© 2014 JustSophaHere (Sophia Martin) <~ I copyright this shit, bitches! Haha jk! But seriously don't.. -_- THIS IS ALSO NOT EDITED AND I WASNT THE BEST AT WRITING THIS SO SOSOSOSOSOSO SORRY

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Bitch, what's wrong with pink hair? No, what's wrong with your attitude?
Jackie_Lopez12 Jackie_Lopez12 May 26, 2017
Fr man that's a little offensive but I don't mind it's your story I do like your story tho
kat_14652 kat_14652 Jul 06, 2016
At first I read the title as "My Mate is a 10 year old "😅
PeopleSkillsAreRusty PeopleSkillsAreRusty Nov 01, 2016
I thought she was gonna say that she wasn't surprised he had a eight know 😳🍆
emontoya53 emontoya53 Nov 23, 2016
What a jerk, her friend was there first before she new she had a mate
Iove-affair Iove-affair Jan 16, 2017
I love how he just HAD to point out it was like "The forests we run in".