My Mate Is 10 Years Older

My Mate Is 10 Years Older

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Hi By JustSophaHere Updated Jul 31, 2014

I walked into my cold house and went to the front door. My wolf started to feel uneasy, but I shrugged that off too.
I opened the door and looked up at the man with striking blue eyes. For a second it felt like it was just him and I in the world. My wolf started going crazy in my head.
"Mine." The man growled. 
There is no fucking way he is my mate.


© 2014 JustSophaHere (Sophia Martin) <~ I copyright this shit, bitches! Haha jk! But seriously don't.. -_- THIS IS ALSO NOT EDITED AND I WASNT THE BEST AT WRITING THIS SO SOSOSOSOSOSO SORRY

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Fr man that's a little offensive but I don't mind it's your story I do like your story tho
kat_14652 kat_14652 Jul 06, 2016
At first I read the title as "My Mate is a 10 year old "😅
PeopleSkillsAreRusty PeopleSkillsAreRusty Nov 01, 2016
I thought she was gonna say that she wasn't surprised he had a eight know 😳🍆
emontoya53 emontoya53 Nov 23, 2016
What a jerk, her friend was there first before she new she had a mate
whusgoodkat whusgoodkat Jan 16
I love how he just HAD to point out it was like "The forests we run in".
WhisperOfSecretsPast WhisperOfSecretsPast May 22, 2016
My hairs pink  too! And excuse me??! You're  telling her what to do?? -_-