The New Demon (Sebastian x OC) ((UNDER MAJOR EDITING))

The New Demon (Sebastian x OC) ((UNDER MAJOR EDITING))

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Jaqueline By JackieLvlUp Completed

People say it is a mystery on how Demons come to be. A mystery how one falls in love with someone. But honestly, I never thought of it, until it actually happened to me.

((Book is going through Major Edits, so I just began with the Description, if you read this description and think high for this book, please don't, editing it majorly soon.))

(I do not own Black Butler, or any character only my OC.)

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WabisabiMesu WabisabiMesu Aug 20, 2017
As you are editing things, I just wanted to point out that you repeated yourself. You said twice "the last thing I felt" the first being in the paragraph before.
WabisabiMesu WabisabiMesu Aug 20, 2017
I sound like some annoying person, but I'm hoping you wanted help in your editing so please don't take that as a very snobby remark
S3bastianMicha3lis S3bastianMicha3lis Dec 15, 2014
THIS IS AMAZING SO FAR!! I love different black butler storys that are sometimes different scenes and not based on the manga/anime!
JackieLvlUp JackieLvlUp Jun 03, 2014
Yay! Yeah but I was asleep then I had this dram I was gonna get up to get water but then I was like no freak it I'm gonna write this cause It sounded good. ^_^
Hetalia_Russia1 Hetalia_Russia1 Jun 03, 2014
so this is how you wanted the story! I was doing something different... well... the story was the same, somewhat xD I love it though, keep writing it!