Souls of Red

Souls of Red

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Jana A. By Pretty_Snowflakes Updated Aug 23, 2020

As the sun begins to fade from existence, five protectors are chosen. Their unique blood type is thought to help the Earth regain its strength. Aryn, a prominent cardiologist, is unaware of the fateful gift that flows in her. She carries the same blood type as the chosen ones. 

Hidden truths start appearing, when a letter is sent from her parents, who abandoned her at a young age. To unravel their disappearance, Aryn is forced to face the harsh past, after she becomes imprisoned by the black words in the letter. 

While Aryn tries to gather the missing clues, more mysteries emerge. After treating an eccentric patient, he presents Aryn with more questions than answers. Aware of the doctor's hidden identity, Louis sends her upon a journey toward her darkest days and deepest truths. 

Aryn's journey begins with the gift of a strange and life-altering book. Aptly titled 'Rules of Death', it doesn't stop with the exposure of her own identity. The book holds knowledge and power Aryn can only begin to understand. 

She then realizes the importance of her task: guarding all the manuscript dares to tell. Envious eyes and inquisitive minds threaten everything she's determined to defend. In order to preserve the power of the protectors, Aryn must carry the secrets of the book to the grave. 

Will she keep the book's mysteries to herself, or will Aryn's secret become a world undoing ?


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