Brave Rebel (Bellarke Fanfiction)

Brave Rebel (Bellarke Fanfiction)

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Ella By XxforthesoulxX Updated Jan 17


The colors of her eyes, the softness of her lips, the princess blond hair, her delicious natural scent and the beautiful sound of her voice. She comes to me every night. In my dreams I mean. Because of course she would never really come to me. We're suppose to hate each other. We do hate each other...well, she hates me.

I got it bad. She's on my mind every day. I feel some sort of responsability for her, like a pretective instinct. And even though we drive each other crazy most of the time I respect her more than anyone in this place. 

My thoughts were inturrupted by someone calling my name. I turned around to where the sound came from and I saw Finn running cocky towards me. "What do you want, spacewalker?", I said, using the nickname he hated so much. "Have you seen Clarke?", he asked as if she had disappeard in front of his eyes. "What do you mean 'Have I seen Clarke?' ? You've lost her or something?" I said, obviously teasing him. "I'm serious! She's nowhere to be found...

finn isnt the only une who needs to chill. by the way flarke is gruse.
“We do whatever the hell we want, whenever the hell we want!”
Yes! Keep going! Great start! Finn is annoying...cute for sure, but damn ...annoying..... Yea Bell needs to punch him
THIS WAS REALLY GOOD!!!! Way better than most of the stuff on Wattpad for this ship. Awesome job!
I was thinking wow fellemy should be a good ship I hope it happens in season 4 than I remembered that Finn was dead than I cried😂
raachel77 raachel77 Nov 02, 2015
"But I caught her, and she collapsed in my arms''. Why is this so beautiful?!?! #BellarkeForever