Falling For Prince (Not-So) Charming

Falling For Prince (Not-So) Charming

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ha1pp2in3es4s By ha1pp2in3es4s Updated Jul 23, 2012

Libby Smith is an average teenage girl who has been wrapped in cotton wool by her overbearing family. The only excitement in her life is helping her friends with fashion and relationship advice. Although Libby has never had a boyfriend, her love of all things romantic comes in handy for her large group of friends. Libby's take on relationships are based on the many romantic films and books, constantly waiting around to be swept off her feet by her one true love.  

When her all time crush Mason Carter starts showing interest in her, it seems that her fairy tale is finally coming true. But the introduction of brooding bad boy Thaddeus adds an interesting twist. He is everything Libby is against, he's rude, he's wild and most of all he's a smoking hot player. 

Follow Libby as her idea of a cliche fairy tale gets turned upside down, and leads her to her Prince (not-so) Charming...

(formerly 'realise you real-lies and call waiting' sorry about the title changes :-/)

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ha1pp2in3es4s ha1pp2in3es4s Jul 19, 2012
@ZuleikaLakhani i'm glad you liked it :) and i'd love for you to edit it, i hate reading my chapters over once i write them lol..erm just private message me and we'll sort out the details, i'm not exactly sure how the process works or if there is a process lol!
ZuleikaLakhani ZuleikaLakhani Jul 17, 2012
love it! but you kinda need to edit badly. i'm up for the job if u want the help?
Stargaz3r Stargaz3r Nov 07, 2010
Amazing start, I love the typical girl-to-girl attitude xD Very funny!
                              Good luck with your story, *voted* & keep at it :o) Have confidence in yourself, you have a lot of talent, you just have to express it!