Why Now?

Why Now?

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♥️Ayesha♥️ By ahseya432 Updated Feb 02

Her hands were covered in cookie dough,

His hands were covered in blood, 

She was soft and sweet on the outside but tough on the inside,

He was tough on the outside but sweet and kind on the inside. 

They might be what each other needs, or maybe not?

Dahlia May Jones also known as Lia, a girl who wants nothing but to stay under the radars and get through high school. She just wants to focus on school and have no distractions so she can get into the dance school she wants to. She has a part time job at a bakery so she can save some money and spend it for her self. 

But she's not as perfect as she seems, she has secrets, but they all lay in one place, her diary.

 What happens when someone takes interest in her? 

And what happens when her world takes a turn and she has no power over it?

Zachary Max Stone also known as Zach, a boy that everyone thinks is trouble. But he wants nothing but to protect his family and help his mother run the family after his father passed away. 

What happens when he hears about this girl and wants to get to know her? He finds a notebook that she left in their English class is set out to give it back to her.

And what happens when she is the first girl to say no to him?

But when Dahlia says things she regrets and makes it her mission to make it up to him? 

What if someone try's to get in the way and stop her from doing so?

He is a gang leader, She is a dancer 

What could possibly go wrong, right?

(On going) 

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