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BTS Imagines

BTS Imagines

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yourkpopimagines By yourkpopimagines Updated May 28, 2016

You and Jimin were walking along the beach. The warm sand and the smell of the ocean was relaxing. You had your fingers intertwined with Jimin's. You watched your feet at you walked ans saw something out the corner of your eye. You looked and found a sea shell. You bent down and picked it up. It was smooth and was a pretty sandy pink color. "What do you have there?" Jimin asked. "A sea shell. Isn't it pretty?" You replied. "Not as pretty as you." He said smiling. You blushed. "You're so cheesy." "Only for you." You both laughed as you continued to walk on the shore.

bapsaebabe bapsaebabe Feb 26
I have an entire rant in my head right now and idk, I don't wanna type it all out.
bapsaebabe bapsaebabe Feb 26
If you cheat on me, we're done. You should've been able to figure out what you wanted before you did it. If you chose to betray me, it's because you don't value or care about me enough, and I deserve better.
india51 india51 Feb 02, 2016
Just saying but your book cover spelt wrong you spelt bts in korean wrong....
-alondrarosas -alondrarosas Apr 19, 2016
I don't care if it's my bias or not but if the boy cheats, we're done.
yourkpopimagines yourkpopimagines Feb 02, 2016
Oops...I always get those two symbols mixed up for some reason...thanks!
FFA2001 FFA2001 Sep 28, 2015
JUNGKOOK BAE!!!!! honestly, if a boy even my bias would do that I would be like," Bitch u ok? U cheated and I don't like cheaters. Go fuk yourself." But this story is really cuteee<3<3<3