Haze [a Synths dialogue-only story]

Haze [a Synths dialogue-only story]

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Taki Zyngtara By TakiZyn Completed

Segun is a synth, a form of artificial intelligence that exists as a physical being and depends on a connection to the Server to live.  She only wanted to race. She got that wish, but it is destroying her world.

Whenever Segun leaves her kennel, voids open and swallow other synths.  The media claims this is because Segun is a glitch.  A glitch should not compete, some say. Others insist a glitch should be deleted.

A doctor claims he can fix Segun's code, but she will not be the same, and she faces the choice of never racing again or becoming someone else.

This story is a sequel to Second.  Like its predecessor, it is a dialogue-only story.
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