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He's Back In L.A. (Robsten fanfiction)

He's Back In L.A. (Robsten fanfiction)

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Nik By StewyFiction Completed

Rob is calling Tom:

"Hey Tom, U got a minute for me?" Rob asks.

"Oh no..." Tom says.

"What?!" Rob doesn't understand.

" U start like this everytime, when you're gonna have a speech about Kristen."

"Really? I never realized that. Anyway, I'm back in L.A. and I want to see Kristen so badly." Rob says with a desperate voice.

"So do it. Get in your car and just go to see her." Tom suggests.

"I thought you're gonna talk me out of it, or something. It's not that simple going there."

"Of course it is!" Tom yells to the phone. "You guys got over the bad times a long ago. You call each other all the time, so what's the big deal?" Tom yells again.

"Seeing her face!" Rob quickly responds - yelling. "I hear her voice all the time. I see her photos on the internet all the time, but it's so different seeing her in person. I'm worried I'm not gonna be able to handle her beauty face to face with her." Rob's voice goes down. "Plus I was talking to some organizer at the Cannes Festival and she ...

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