Hetalia France X Reader A day at the carnival PT1

Hetalia France X Reader A day at the carnival PT1

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Pocky Cereal By PockyCereal Updated Jun 01, 2014

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France X Reader Part 1

        Ugh! What should I Do! You think as you flop down on your sofa, your hand grabbing the TV remote off the coffee table. You press the power button on the remote and turn the TV on.

        "I'm so board." You mutter to yourself while surfing through various TV channels before turning off your TV with an exasperated sigh, putting the remote back down on the coffee table.

        "Come on! I'll seriously talk with anyone right now!" you say grabbing your cellular module from your pocket, looking at it expecting it to ring, or to do something indicating that one of your friends was also board and wanted to talk, Or even telemarketers wanted to talk (even if it was to sell you a crappy product)

        Sighing once more you place your phone face down next to the remote on the coffee table in front of you. 

        Normally, you don't call or text people much, you hate to feel like you're bothering them...And honestly, you don...