PRIDE |  Book 1 of the Seven Sins Saga (Ongoing)

PRIDE | Book 1 of the Seven Sins Saga (Ongoing)

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Jess Townsend By jess10towns Updated Jul 02

Book One of the Seven Sins Saga. 

Each book is told from the perspective of a different character, a different sinner. Seven individuals were chosen to receive gifts bestowed upon them by the Dark King. They don't know why they were chosen to receive these gifts. They only know that the gifts (or curses) have completely flipped their lives upside down. The gifts given to the chosen seven are in the form of the Seven Deadly sins. 

PRIDE | Book One

Kaylee was raised by unloving, distant parents and when her older brother Mack died, he took all of her parents' love with her. She always felt worthless, terrible, judged, and ashamed. Her parents were never proud of her and it weighed down on Kaylee so much that she began to push everyone away. She didn't have any pride for herself...until the Dark King gifted it to her. With it came an impressive power that she could hardly comprehend and a warning from the Dark King: she needed to find the other sinners in the world that he had gifted and unite them together. Only when they are all together could they bring unity to the world. If Kaylee doesn't unite the sinners together in time, then the Dark King will thrust the world into an impending apocalypse, the likes of which no one could ever survive.