My Roommate Calls Me Babygirl✔️

My Roommate Calls Me Babygirl✔️

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[Wattys 2019]

💋| E X T R A C T
                             Hayden pinned me against the wall, his muscular arms caging me in on both sides, "I've liked you April Bunting for a very, very long time and I don't know how much longer I can go without telling you."

                             I shiver, when his teeth graze the top of my ear, leaving goosebumps in their trail, "I think I like you too Hayden West even if your infuriate me to no end, I like your sorry ass."

                              A genuine smile plays on Hayden lips, showcasing the dimples only some of us were lucky enough to witness, "You, April Bunting, make me very happy and also annoy me with your cute pouting."

                               I refrain from pouting, "I can pout if I want to, whether the guy I like likes it or not." I cross my arms, giving Hayden a once over.

                              And before I can say anything else, Hayden presses his lips against mine, sending warmth throughout my body. God I like this guy a lot more than I should and it's driving me crazy.

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