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My Bestfriend boyxboy (Completed)

My Bestfriend boyxboy (Completed)

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Lexi By Lexi-Nicole5 Completed

Hi my name is josh but my bestfriend and my family call me Joshy. My life is great untill I figure out Im in love with my best friend Zeak.

Josh Miller- 17, light brown hair, bright green eyes, perfect tanned body, star baseball player.

Zeak Pearson- 17, dark blond hair, slim body, crystal blue eyes, bubbly personality.

Bjw2791 Bjw2791 Dec 13, 2016
I love your story thanks so much for writing and I have to confess though I already read the second book I only was going to read a chapter before I turn back to this one book but I just kept going soon I'm gonna read the first book thanks again
CheddarWinters CheddarWinters 14 hours ago
I'm smiling so much I think I'm turning into the Cheshire Cat
Lexi-Nicole5 Lexi-Nicole5 Oct 07, 2016
I spelt it wrong on purpose😂 Im glad some of y'all noticed that lol
A_Forgotten_star A_Forgotten_star Oct 24, 2016 blown away about how fast this all happened o.o I feel like someone is making me take a Japanese test without even teaching me Japanese.
_DoubleJi_ _DoubleJi_ Jan 31
Okay so we went from 'We're not gay together' to 'What the hell you doin to my boyfriend' like wow OK that escalated quickly