Imperfectly Perfect For Me

Imperfectly Perfect For Me

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Sabina Ulonen By SabinaUlonen Completed

"Loving is like kissing someone, each does it in a different way..."

Aimee is the tallest girl in her school, which always makes her the central of attention. The attention may not be what Aimee wants but she learned to deal with it a long time ago. Despite it all Aimee has a lovely family and close friends, but a dark secret too. Nobody really knows what happened that night and Aimee wants that to stay that way. 

What Aimee doesn`t know is that she sure is for a tricky ride this year. Her senior year will bring her many surprises, more friends, few fights and Jace Littlebird. 

In a clichee love story Jace would be a tall handsome bad boy who will sweep Aimee off her feet. But this is not that kind of story.Not at all. 

Read to find out.

GrethanMarmalade GrethanMarmalade Jul 19, 2016
5'11 is ok for a girl. my mom is 5'11. I'm 5'7 and still growing
SabinaUlonen SabinaUlonen Mar 22, 2015
@nowbelieve finally!!! can i have Hallelujah xd!!!! ps this is best bd present, that you finally are reading this xd!!!!  
                              see ya tomorrow!!!!!
nowbelieve nowbelieve Mar 22, 2015
Good job, my friend :) Be happy, I finally started to read this! Sorry, it took so long -.- good news, I like it so far :) btw, happy bday! :)))
bushgirl94 bushgirl94 Jan 03, 2015
that's so Saba when we first met!!! Nainen sä puhuit nii nopeesti et en tajunnu puoliakaan:DDD
SabinaUlonen SabinaUlonen Nov 12, 2014
@Malindira ps the real deal will start after chpt 9, just saying :)!!!!!
SabinaUlonen SabinaUlonen Nov 12, 2014
@Malindira thanks, i hope you will enjoy reading more of my book: ) it will just get better