"Florist" "Gang" ||TODODEKU.         (slow updates)

"Florist" "Gang" ||TODODEKU. (slow updates)

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KIA💫 By Kliarr Updated Jul 19

Uh... my first story so plz don't destroy me.

- No quirks - boy x boy - some major language - smut (maybe ÒwÓ) - 

Todoroki Shoto the soon- to- be- leader of one of the most feared gangs of Tokyo "cold fire", as well as himself being cold hearted and not caring about anything.

Midoriya Izuku the precious green haired boy who works and owns a flower shop known as "one for all", has many friends but no interest right now in relationships just friendship and family is all he needs..... or so he thought.

What will happen when these two opposites cross paths? Will the gang leaders heart melt away all the ice from his heart? Will the small florist boy break down all of todoroki's built up walls around him? Will the two clueless boys fall for one another?  Would anyone break the two apart?? 

Read to find out!

There is also other ships involved in the story too.
Enjoy :)