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Dominika By dominikasxx Updated Jun 13, 2015

She follows the rules. 
He breaks them.

Shes a student.
He dropped out.

Shes the good girl.
Hes the bad boy.

She is delicate.
He is rough.

Tiara always follows the rules. So imagine how she feels when the one time she does something fun in her life, life turns around and slaps her hard across the face making her wake up to the horrible reality of life as a werewolf.

A suggestion leads to a series of conflict in Tiaras life giving her both the desire to love her newly found mate but also the desire to eliminate whoever gets in her way.

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  • alpha
  • beta
  • death
  • envy
  • jelousy
  • love
  • luna
  • mark
  • mate
  • revenge
  • secrets
  • siblings
  • war
  • wolf
Jay_Songz99 Jay_Songz99 Aug 18, 2016
I don't know about you guys, but this seems awfully similar to the Hunger games movie, where the victors have to fight and Katniss wakes up Hamitch
kinnie13 kinnie13 May 13, 2015
@LauraMarling you have 4 followers and no books. she has 124 followers and 29.5k reads on one book...................she's got this
dominikasxx dominikasxx May 13, 2015
yes I know :) I realised a while ago but ill change it when I'm editing :) thanks
LauraMarling LauraMarling May 13, 2015
Not really a "prologue" as such- more of an explanation or introduction of character