Marrying the "Old" Cheat...

Marrying the "Old" Cheat...

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Maryama M. By MaryamaDelMar Updated 5 days ago

This story will have you going through a roller coaster  of emotions. Trust me

"You think just because you are rich, you can get away with anything? You CHEAT! you ANIMAL! you MONSTER! You have ruined everything I ever worked hard for. I loathe you Jaffar Abbad i loathe you"....

Jasmine Abdel Noor is an 18 year old highschool graduate. She has big dreams and the whole world ahead of her. What happens when circum stances force her to get married to Jaffar Abbad. A persuasive, possessive, drop dead GORGEOUS , filthy rich man who always gets.what.he.wants😏.

Will their relationship last despite all the lies he told her before? He was walking on a thin thread and he knew it, but he believed in LOVE. For love could overpower any strong feeling even if it was HATE.

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