Fifty Shades Deeper

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Marnie Louise By MarnieLG Updated 3 years ago
50 shades Deeper 
    Ana and Christians third child, Jason, named after their good friend Jason Taylor, is finally going to college, Dartmouth no doubt. 
    He doesn’t know if he can follow in his father’s footsteps and be successful, but after meeting the strange, yet endearing and quiet Lillian Heirs, he can’t help but feel the need to impress.
    Jay and Lily get off on the wrong foot, Lily assumes the youngest Grey will be just like his father, he fits the image, why not the respected personality?
    But after Jay saves Lily from a drunken night out, that was heading in the wrong direction; Lily can’t help but feel she owes Grey Junior some kind of thanks.
    The story follows Jason Grey on his journey of discovering not only himself, but his parents and the ever confusing Lillian Heirs.
    Growing up in world of secrets and lies, can Jason truly be himself, and follow his own dreams, or will he always be in the shadow of his father.
    But what about his demons, his own dirty little secrets?
    And when Lily offers her thanks, just how much like his father is he willing to be?
oh sorry here is my email adress would realy apreciate it thank u
love this book or urs 50 shades deeper i got  a download to read it on my blackberry in documents but could only read til chapter 12 :(  pls can u send me a doanload for the hole book pretty pls :D
i love ur stories u nd to make more than one more and make them super long!!! and u nd to hurry up and make the next one plz !!
When is the balance of the book going to be available?  I am in suspense
oh thanx i didnt saw that u answered my questionok i'll look for it riiigght now..
Love this story...wish it was finished...hate having to wait but its always worth it!