Father At 20 (Kim Seokjin ff)

Father At 20 (Kim Seokjin ff)

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Jin is a lonely 20 year old, when he was walking home from his work, he saw 6 abandoned kids.

In which Jin takes in 6 abandoned kids.

at this point I dont think I have to add a warning to the fact that this will most probably have cussing in it.


⚠️ WARNING: this story may contain strong language, fluffy fluff, a shit ton of fluff actually, a hint of angst and shitty parents, rape, drug abuse, child abuse, this may be offensive and triggering to some readers, you've been warned.

so don't tell me that you haven't been warned.

Started: 27-12-2018
Ended: 1-4-2019
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(The book is officially completed)