Wolf's Baby R-Rated - 3dh book in this series

Wolf's Baby R-Rated - 3dh book in this series

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Elka is a twenty year old girl, she was raised by a single mother in a happy home until her mother got sick with breast cancer and died right before Elka turned nineteen. Instead of breaking down, Elka used her time and energy to study and train in the gym. After a successful MMA tournament in Europe her team is offered to go to Boston to compete and see the famous Hope defend her world championship. After a win and a great evening out she finds herself in bed with hot and sexy man... little did she know that the one night she spent in the strangers bed would have so much impact on her life..Hearing how the stranger cheated on his girlfriend to sleep with her.. Elka slips out and fly's home only to find out few weeks later that she wasn't alone when she came back..

Graphic language, sexual content, violence , and/or infrequent use of strong language

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HelenEliza HelenEliza Mar 28
Hi everyone, this is book 3 of the wolf baby series but not sure where the 1st 2 are??? Or is this the spin off of the authors published books? Thanks x
Why do I get the feeling that this is going to be a situation of mistaken identity?  The guy this girl slept with is going to be the one that other girl was yelling at... maybe?
elledanielle333 elledanielle333 Dec 14, 2016
Your grammar and english is probs better than most Americans so dont worry lol
CupCakeGoesRawr21 CupCakeGoesRawr21 Nov 24, 2015
On a computer you make these by hitting ' and shift at the same time
weirdfangirlingnerd weirdfangirlingnerd Jul 11, 2015
Really? Leather pants? This guy may be hot but apparently he doesn't have good fashion taste
Clary_Jace_Forever Clary_Jace_Forever Dec 09, 2014
Your sooooooooo much better than me at writing!! I wish I had your talent!