Slave (Larry, Narry, Lirry, and Zarry FanFic)

Slave (Larry, Narry, Lirry, and Zarry FanFic)

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Hi_Its_ By Hi_Its_ Updated Jul 08, 2014

This fan-fiction will contain sexual content between males. (16 year old Harry- all others are present age) Swearing and profanity will occur. 


(Harry's P.O.V.)


I heard my mother's voice from the other room as she picked up the phone. She sounded worried, frightened, even. I shamelessly listened in from the other room; I needed to know.

"What? No." 

My heart rammed against my chest, because something was wrong, I heard it in her voice. Concern. 

"You can't- excuse me, I-" 

Heat went to my head, whoever was on the line obviously was not treating my mom with the respect she deserved. 

"I'm sorry but-"

Why was she apologizing? What?

"You never said tha-at!" 

I turned the corner slightly and saw my mom sit down in a chair slowly, trying to fight back tears. 

"No." She whispered, tears slipping down her cheeks. 

That was it. I walked over to her, ignoring her surprised gasp as she realized that I had been listening in. I snatched the phone...

SnowFlakeWrites SnowFlakeWrites Mar 29, 2017
Ok, wait. Just need to clear this up, it's not Ben Hemmings and Michael Clifford right?
I don't know why but i thought about that vine where the little boy says "hello motherfucker"