Maybe It Wasn't Love After All..

Maybe It Wasn't Love After All..

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itzl123 By itzl123 Updated Jul 22

Luna Jackson had a great marriage. Key word Had. Her marriage officially started falling apart after she found her husband pleasuring a women, in the same bed they slept together in. 

Years later- he still doesn't know, that she is fully aware of the affair he is having. After a while she decides she can't take any more, so she confesses to her husband that she knows about his affair. He could careless though, mostly since he found out his other lover is pregnant with "his" child. They settle on getting a divorce. She leaves with their daughter to cali.

After three years she becomes the richest women in the country, and Liam becomes the richest man. But in the last three years he hasn't visited his daughter. Mila. Luna tries to contact him, but he ends up blocking her. She gives up. And adopts a 13 year old boy two years after the divorce. Who also helped her. But what happens when Liam founds out something, something That ends in him losing someone and trying to get back together with Luna.  And asking for her forgiveness.

Will she give in? Will she take him back? Will she forgive him? Or will she let himself suffer?

Read to find out.  

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