Ly's hate and fear towards humans has cased him to do horrible things in the past, but is there a way he can redeem himself? Does he even want to and will a human girl be able to handle a vampire with a major blood addiction?
I really like the way you don't overdo the whole vampire thing.  There's no, "he's a vampire, and vampire this vampire that".  You just describe how he feels.  It's not often you find a good vampire book like this.  :)
I never got to review this when I saw it on fiction press! It was amazing!
I love this story, and I can't believe someone plagiarized it on you! I believe you posted on fiction press first? Good think about wattpad is you should not be ale to copy and paste like you can on fictionpress. It was an amazing story and I will definite look out for more of your writing
So I heard this was stolen via some club thing I was reading. And wow, this is really good! (Hope this doesn't come out wrong) but I can see why he attempted to steel this. It was such an amazing thing to read. It's so descriptive and relevant! Love it!(" x
I saw the link to this on the discussion threads (your friend made a thread) and I fell in love with it!!! It's beautifully written and I can't believe it was stolen! D:
Yes, but on a whole new page. I have one on both of my larger stories if you want to see what I mean. I know this sounds like a "read my story" plug but that's not how I meant it to come out, don't know another way to say it though.