highschool dxd child of the black dragon god of apocalypse (Male Reader)

highschool dxd child of the black dragon god of apocalypse (Male Reader)

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I would just like you to know i do not own any of these pictures

main character Y/N age 19 was born in the dark dimension he has a sacred gear is cotstarfiy dragon arms also known as dragon destroyer he has the power to kill any dragon god accept the black dragon god of apocalypse and has trained ever since he was 9 and he now has complete control of his powers and also has a lost gear wich he can copy any sacered gear make it better and have it permantly and their no limmit to how many he could have

Y/N abilties are
He can create black flames to burn what ever he wants and has a sword made from his dad scales that can not be desroyed and can kill great red and orphis and can also destroy anything he wants and he can also fly and has extrodinary strength,speed,stamina and agility and also has his god gear mode which gives him armour thats out of his dad scales that increase his fighting abilites even more and he can make a barrier around himself so any physical and magical attack gets sent back the original user with double the damage (i do not own that attack i got from seven deadly sins) and also has a juggernaut form and has a can heal really fast if he has a cut and he can take other people strength just by hitting them and they lose that power permantly and it gets added to his own and also ontop of that his power also gets doubled and everytime he kills a dragon he then gets all their fighting abilites added to his and also their powers and he can teleport
and stop time

And i would also to know i do not own highschool dxd

I also do not own highschool dxd and i only so far own 
the rest are from the creators of highschool dxd

Also i would like to point out y/n is going to be considered a male in this