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Everyone knows Area 51 is where the government keeps the aliens, right? WRONG.

When Winston DeBrock steps out of Marine Corps boot camp and into the military's "PLUTO" program at the infamous base, he's definitely thinking he'll get to meet some aliens or at least see some experimental military tech. But then he learns the truth, and it's far more terrifying than he expected.

The Top Secret military facility is actually an underground prison with a very special breed of prisoner: vampires.

There, Winston encounters Domare Greyson, one of the most hated and feared of the bloodsuckers trapped in Pluto, and Nexus, the biology-altering formula that bonds vampires and humans together. The result is an unbreakable bond between Winston and Domare--the one vampire who seems to absolutely hate him.

As their reluctant bond grows stronger, two questions come to light: are the guards in Area 51 just as much prisoners as the vampires? And is Pluto really as inescapable as it seems?

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#1 in The Adventure Awards 2019
#2 in [Vampire Category] The Golden Awards 2019

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