Military girl returns to high school | ««

Military girl returns to high school | ««

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Trust me, when I tell you that this book isn't your typical run off the mill cliché story where the protagonist is a badass who becomes the centre of attention just because she finally returns to high school after running away to a military academy, who falls in love with the basketball varsity captain, has the best of times with her two best friends David and Laura and who gets along with her family as if she wasn't gone for almost three years. 
  Or was it five years? 
  It's not like that at all. 
  Time is precious. 
  And when you misunderstand time. 
  Things start to tear at the corners. 
  This story is for the girl who thought nothing would change when she decided to return home. 
  This story is about Jules Miller. 
  The Military Girl who returns to High School. 
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1- BOOK ONE: Military Girl Returns To High School

2-BOOK TWO: Military Girl Returns

3-BOOK THREE: CHASING HIS REDEMPTION (prequel/spin-off sequel)

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i would have been like oh hell no you disrespecting me i will go all drill sergeant on you!
I in love with the writing, and it's just the first paragraph!
yonnnnnnnna yonnnnnnnna Dec 29, 2016
what a bish I would not speek to her even if gold was offered
I love how he's just like mmm, and he is swinging her😂😂😂😂
Inaala_ Inaala_ Nov 13, 2016
Don't mess with my babies. Idk why but I just feel protective right now.
illeman illeman Nov 04, 2016
Theory #1: I think he's gay and his parents are ignorant douchebags.