Bad Boys Love Lies

Bad Boys Love Lies

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ᴋxᴅᴢ By NE0BOSS Updated 2 days ago

Mira Azure is a scholarship student in Sinclair Academy who adores Lucian Grey, the cold rich boy that everyone admires.

He has everything, good looks, money, fame, luxuries, fancy cars, and extensively rich parents. He had everything but confidence, but nobody knew that. Everyone assumed he was the most handsome guy in school, everyone wanted to be him, but he, he didn't want to be himself.

Mira texts Lucian Grey anonymously, constantly complimenting him without knowing how insecure he really is. Will Mira be able to text him without no feelings attached? Or will this alleged friendship become something else?

Or will someone new disturb this blooming friendship?

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carzysketcher carzysketcher 6 days ago
😒😒😒 no one understanding that boy why girls do fan girling ... It look like grim scene to me
-teaqueen- -teaqueen- Jan 11
I wouldn't even be bothered to make food for anyone but myself ;-;
ahemokay ahemokay Jan 09
honestly me hiding my emotions, like my friends come over to eat and I cook and they’re like “wtf who cooked this?” And I’m just standing there like “no idea hahahahahaaha!” But on the inside I’m like “try me”
ahemokay ahemokay Jan 09
so do I now have the right to say that boys are all pigs who just want s-e-x?